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Scrapes the Character
Ruth Freeman was born July 17 1888 in an apartment in Brooklyn. Her family was very poor, and throughout her entire childhood Ruth was abused, both physically and mentally. At the age of 7, she began working at a factory not far from her home. She met a boy named Thomas Englemeyer there, and they became friends during the not-quite-three yeas that they worked together. He stopped working at the factory, making her job there downright dismal. After a year of being alone and further abused, Ruth ran away from home to try to make a life on the streets of Brooklyn. She was caught stealing a loaf of bread and was thrown into the Refuge. There she was nicknamed "Scrapes", due to the countless scars and scratches all over her body. She stayed there for a year before breaking out, claiming that she'd done her time and wasn't doing a second more. Scrapes ran into Skater Frost of Yonkers and Spacey Cliffton of the Bronx on her way out and grudgingly decided to become a newsgirl in Yonkers in August of 1900.

Things went fairly well in the Yonkers girls' house until February of 1902. Scrapes' father tracked her down in Yonkers and attacked her. Fearing for her safety, Miss Edda sent Scrapes to a friend in Chicago for three weeks. In the summer of 1902, Miss Edda and the girls' leader Flame left the house, turning ownership of the house over to Miss Edda's daughter-in-law, Rebecca, and leadership of the Yonkers Newsgirls to Pearl, Skater, and Scrapes.

Scrapes is fourteen, with bright red hair falling to her waist and hazel eyes. She generally takes very little care towards her appearance but is nearly vain when it comes to her hair. She wears boys' clothes because they're less trouble. She's quite tomboyish but is slowly taking after the older, more feminine girls of the house. She isn't yet interested in boys as anything but friends. Scrapes is generally friendly and likes all the girls. She has an especial attachment to Skater and Spacey of the Bronx, as well as Pearl. Scrapes speaks with a Brooklyn accent but doesn't swear much. She won't drink because both her parents did so, smokes so rarely that it might as well be never, and has a temper to match her hair.

About Me
My name is Emily, but I go by a wide variety of names. Most people call me Spacey, but Lizzie can call me Em and Bre can call me Em he. *grins* I'm 16, and my birthday's May 29, 1984. I'll be a junior in the fall and I'm terrified. I live in the Pittsburgh suburbs, which I love intermittently. I've lived in the 'burbs my whole life. I have a little sister named Katie, who's 8 and too young for serious computer time, which means I basically have free reign of the thing. *grins*

I'm an accomplished multi-tasker and I'm leaning towards pushing myself too hard as I get further through high school. I'm a former TV studio techie nerd, but I'm giving that up this year. Other activites include tang soo do (Korean karate; going for my black belt in January '01), freshman orientation, welcoming foreign exchange students, Spanish Club, the musicals, and far too many other things to count. I'm a Gemini, so I go through phases where you can't tear me away from my computer and others where I won't go near it. I generally check my e-mail daily, so I'm never too hard to reach. I'm generally upbeat if not overly perky, I try to care about everybody and listen when they have problems, and I'm addicted to AIM. *grins* I speak Spanish decently, and I'd like to learn Italian and/or Korean someday. I can write HTML passably, if not well, and that certainly comes in handy. As for my other passions... well, there are bunches. As far as music goes, I love Barenaked Ladies, Sarah McLachlan, Vonda Shepard, Tori Amos, Lisa Loeb, Ben Folds 5, Semisonic, soundtracks in general, and swing music. I'm obsessed with historical fiction when it comes to literature (turn-of-the-century and Civil War are my favorite time periods). I watch far too many TV shows but my favorites are That 70's Show, Will & Grace, Ally McBeal, X-Files (the older episodes) and Daria. Favorite movies include Ever After, 10 Things I Hate About You, Empire Records, Can't Hardly Wait, Little Women, Anastasia, and Hercules. *blushes* Other obsessions include Eat 'N' Park's Cherry Cokes (they're laced, I tell you), cheesecake, mocha frappuccinos, cafe mochas, my boyfriend's minivan, techie guys, and stereos / discmen. *grins* I go through phases of being obsessed with things, and if I wander, I always come back.

How I Run Yonkers
Scrapes: She's a bit flighty and immature, and not quite responsible to hold down a house on her own. (Thank goodness for Skater and Pearl.) Scrapes severely dislikes strong authorative figures, so tries to be more of a friend than a leader to the girls. She also tends to break her own rules. She generally goes to the older girls for major issues but tries to settle minor conflicts to prove that she can hold her own.

Emily: Yonkers is my first leadership experience, and I have these great aspirations to turn it into a great, active LH. I won't tolerative inactivity, so look out. Since we're splitting this three ways, we're trying to do everything evenly. I also try to stress inter-house connections. I get into moods where I'll do tons of stuff at once, so I'm doing a lot of HTML coding for the house now. But I'm very open to suggestions from anyone at all on the house. *grins*

Other Characters
Anastasia "Spacey" Cliffton: a 17-year-old newsgirl from the Bronx who is deeply concerned about how others see her.
Michael "Cap" Golden: a 17-year-old newsboy from the Bronx who worries about everybody, especially Spacey.
Stevie Dell: a 19-year-old abusive, alcoholic factory worker who lives in Harlem but frequents the Bronx.
Jessica "Smoke" Schaefer: a 17-year-old former pickpocket and sailor who has settled down and become a newsgirl in Harlem.
Jason Nichols: a 20-year-old former pickpocket who can't understand why a girl wouldn't love him.
Michael Nichols: an energetic 10-year-old who lives in fear of his brother.
Lynette "Grace" Chambers: a prim and proper 14-year-old former ballet dancer who sells newspapers in Soho to earn money for tuition at a ballet school in France.
Christopher "Books" Travis: an 18-year-old newsboy from Soho who loves to read.
Thomas Englemeyer: a 15-year-old newsboy from Yonkers who is like an older brother to all the girls.

I also play Muse Villaflores for Lizzie. I love all my LHs equally. The Bronx was my original "home" and it will always have a special spot in my heart. Harlem is where I spent countless hours this year. Soho is my newest house and an absolute blast. And Yonkers is also highly cool. I'm obsessed with RPing in the chat rooms, so e-mail or IM me if you ever want to chat.

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